For the Love of Flax4life Mini Muffins

Posted on Jul 08, 2016

Ever since my first introduction to your gluten free Chocolate Flax mini muffins, I was a fan... not a fan, in love... Not the superficial love that changes with the wind, deep meaningful everlasting love!

The taste, the texture, the joy they bring is sheer perfection. Thank you from the tips of my taste buds to the essence of my feminine soul.

Please don't ever change, I love you just the way you are.


Sheri S.

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Posted on Jul 08, 2016

To whom this may concern,

I just wanted to thank your company for the great products your company puts in stores. I am a coach for a program called Girls on the Run. The girls meet Tuesday and Thursday during the 10-week program, participating in interactive lessons and play running games to help prepare them physically and mentally for the 5k race. These 3rd through 5th graders have a great time during the lessons and it helps a great deal having a healthy snack they can enjoy too. Your products play a major role in that. Keep up the great work! It is greatly appreciated!

Sarah F.

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Chocolate Mini Muffins

Posted on Jun 29, 2016

I just wanted to tell you how much I love your products! Especially the chocolate mini muffins. I'm so shocked to find gluten free, dairy free that tastes this good! And that my kids love!!!

Thank you!

Andrea N.

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Posted on May 19, 2016

I just would like to comment on how completely delicious your brownies are! I have never tasty anything "healthy" that tastes so good. The size is perfect for a low-cal snack. They are moist, flavorful and satisfying. Thanks for creating something that is so perfect!

Cathie M.

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Flax Brownies

Posted on May 11, 2016

I would just like to thank you and your team for making such DELICIOUS Flax Brownies. We (my entire team) live off those things here at my office in Boulder, CO. We love the brownies and love you guys for making them!!!
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I cannot get enough!

Posted on May 04, 2016


I never thought I would like a grocery bought item so much I would look online to find a place to review it but I am because I love it THAT much! I didn't have much luck but I wanted to reach someone since I truly enjoy the product you guys make! I spend way too much time than I would like to admit looking for dairy free desserts that still have creamy, light, & rich flavors & textures. They usually fall short. But I cannot get enough of your guys' brownies; good chocolate brownies are hard to come by with food allergies! I also love the different flavors of muffins. I rotate through the flavors I purchase & they are all so good! The products you guys have out are truly awesome. As someone who developed this allergy in early adulthood I so appreciate being able to experience & indulge in the delicious flavors I normally wouldn't get to have!

Thanks to you & all those who work on creating such an awesome & enjoyable product!


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Posted on Apr 08, 2016

So, I was very upset when wheat started really bothering me a couple of months ago. Growing up in a family where we had bread daily or cookies cakes etc a lot it really sucks.  I have tried numerous packaged (expensive too) brownies/muffins that just taste like sand and grit. Yuck, Went to Eckerts Country store in Belleville, IL and saw your product and thought great, another $8.99 package of gluten free brownie muffins that are going to taste like junk. I almost passed them up.  But something told me to give them a try anyway. Boy am I sure glad did! Wow. These things are amazing!!! Thank you Thank you, Thank you!!! Best Brownie since going gluten free ever!!! I may even like em better then regular brownies. Ahhhhh. And I love that they have flax in them and are dairy free. Now I wont mind going gluten free as long as these are in my life. I am excited to try other flavors as well. Although I am a true chocoholic by nature, I still love blueberry muffins and banana muffins too. I see on your site you have a dark cherry chocolate one (drool!) and a coconut chocolate brownie..eeeeekk I am just so exited. Have a mentioned a thank you yet?! Lol. Anyway, just wanted to hear my appreciation for such a yummy product and to keep em coming. ;-)  I am thinking of ordering some other flavors online if I cant find them anywhere near me. You rock!

Cassandra B.
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Sample Tried, Sample Loved

Posted on Apr 05, 2016

One of my patients who is a good distributor brought in a sample of your individually wrapped muffins. Wow!! I'm not gluten intolerant but I like to try different gluten free choices to give my digestion system a break. I've tried quite a few and they always seem to be dry and taste very "off".
Your brand was the first I've tasted that was moist, tasteful and healthy.
I'm partial to chocolate so I've got a chocolate chip muffin waiting in the fridge that I'm really looking forward to today. Thank you again for this wonderful product, by far one of the most delicious I've tasted in a long time
Thank you!!!!!
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I Love Your Muffins :)

Posted on Mar 16, 2016

I'm emailing you just to tell you how much I love your products! Your muffins are seriously always so freshly nutritious and delicious! I feel like I buy some every time I'm at Whole Foods, because I just can't get enough. They make for the perfect breakfast on the go! I just wanted to thank you for producing such quality products. Too often, companies only hear from customers when something has gone wrong or they are displeased. You truly deserve a compliment! Thank you!

Rebecca Y.

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