Gratefully from Sue!

Posted on May 18, 2019

I just discovered your brand at Fresh Thyme last week.  In fact, a bakery employee at the Lafayette, IN store walked me to the shelves with your products.  I needed a quick GF lunch, so I bought the Carrot Raisin muffins.  Just ate the last one this morning, and have to tell you that they are really, really good.  Congratulations and many thanks for putting out such a great product for oddballs like me who have big physical problems with gluten and with refined sugars.


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On a Quest to lower my Cholesterol

Posted on Apr 03, 2019

I wanted to write to share my absolute love for the chocolate brownie!!! 
Most recently I had blood work done and it was discovered that my cholesterol had been about five points higher than the normal. 
Over the past week, I have been on a quest to change my eating habits And finding food that tastes good and that I can look forward to eating. Today at Natural Grocers in Scottsdale Arizona I discovered the gluten-free, flax, dairy free… Chocolate brownie. I was truly impressed and I am amazed at this item being cholesterol free and the amount of Omega, protein, and fiber per brownie. 
I just want to say thank you very much for showing me that I can really enjoy eating and being healthy while doing so.
I believe that your brownies taste better than any other brownie I’ve had.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Very Kindly,
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A New Loyal Customer!

Posted on Apr 03, 2019

Hi.  I just wanted to write to let you know that I tried your blueberry muffin on a whim and just loved it!!!  Now I've tried different muffins as well as the original bun and the brownies.  Just wonderful!  It's so hard to find a soft and moist gluten free anything!  Thank you for the fantastic product!!  
A new loyal customer!
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Chop EoE Event

Posted on Apr 01, 2019

You were one of the stars at the CHOP EoE event this weekend.  Since it was an allergy event, they did not have food out.   So when people wanted a snack, they came to me.  You were an absolute hit!  People were so excited.  Lot’s of people loved the brownies. 

People loved the taste and came back to tell me how good they were after trying them out in the cafeteria. 

There were about 75 attendees, plus doctors and volunteers.  You were a hit with many people!

Thank you again for letting us share your product. 


-Tammy Gingras-Moore, Co-Owner

Allergy Orchard-The place to pick your allergy-safe foods and more…



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Love from a Caretaker

Posted on Apr 01, 2019

I’m a caretaker and the nurse that comes to the house for visits just gave us a sample of your brownies.. all of us ladies loved it!!!
So yummy ( that’s a professional term). 

Anyways... just wanted to say thank you for going out on the ledge with a new product for those of us, trying to be ‘good’.

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Love for Years!

Posted on Apr 01, 2019

Your chocolate mini brownie muffins are outstanding. I've been purchasing them locally for a couple of years now and would like to thank you for such an excellent product.
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Donation Love!

Posted on Jul 20, 2018

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Nutritious but taste amazing!

Posted on Jun 04, 2018

I am a Dietitian.  These products are not only nutritious but taste amazing! The customer service is also great as well. 


-Amy Ayres, RD LDN

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Posted on May 01, 2018

Love your brownies!!!  They are terrific and help satisfy my sweet tooth.  Thanks so much!!!!  
All the best!  Thank you for the terrific products!

-Stacey L.
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