I AM SO IMPRESSED that I just can’t keep quiet!!

Posted on Jul 01, 2014

Hi Jessica: 

I normally don’t sit down and write a company about anything anymore, but I have recently tried one of your products  and I AM SO IMPRESSED that I just can’t keep quiet!!  I have changed my diet to gluten free in the past few months and I picked up your flax brownies at our local Thrifty Foods store.  I was shocked – in a good way – when I took my first bite!! I expected to be disappointed - like I am with so many other gluten-free products (they are dry and flavorless) but the super-moist consistency, the fact the brownies held together when bitten into, and the decadent chocolate flavor enticed me to go back the next day and buy more (because my family tried them too and could not get enough)!

Thank you for making such great products!  I will be looking forward to trying any number of your other products when I come across them in other stores.

 Yours truly,

Mrs. Patti Hitchman

Saanichton, British Columbia