Q: How do I store my Flax4Life Products?

A: After receiving your Flax4Life package, keep all product at room temperature that you expects to consume within the Fresh Code Dates (the specific dates are listed below for each product).

All remaining product can be placed in the freezer for up to 9 months with guaranteed freshness. Flax4Life items freeze and thaw without compromising quality in any way.

Fresh Code Dates:

  • Muffins: Flax4Life Muffins stay fresh for up to 11 days at room temperature. If you have them shipped using 3-day delivery, you will have 7-8 days of freshness remaining
  • Brownies: Flax4Life Brownies stay fresh for up to 11 days at room temperature. If you have them shipped using 3-day delivery, you will have 7-8 days of freshness remaining. 
  • Cookies: Flax4Life Cookies stay fresh for up to 30 days at room temperature. If you have them shipped using 3-day delivery, you will have 10-11 days of freshness remaining. 
  • Granola: Flax4Life Granola has a shelf life of 9 months if stored at room temperature.

 **Remember to place all excess product in the freezer that you will not use within these Fresh Code Date time frames upon arrival.**

Q: Is it safe to order online?

A: When you place an order with Flax4Life you will notice that your web browser indicates a secure and "encrypted" connection, providing you with privacy and secure online services. You are 100% secure and safe. 


Q: Which day is the best to place my order?

A: Over the weekend is the best time to order your favorite goodies. Your order will go out Monday morning and give you the maximum shipping days without running into a weekend (where it sits without movement Saturday and Sunday).


Q: How much do I have to order?

A: We have no minimum order requirements. Please order as much or as little as you desire.


Q: How do Flax4Life orders ship?

A: Several options are available including USPS Priority and Express Mail, and all UPS options. At checkout, you can choose what delivery method you prefer. 


Q: How long will my Flax4Life order take to get to me?

A: Depending on your method of shipment your Flax4Life products should arrive no later than 2-3 business days. Items will arrive faster if you select the overnight option.

***Please See Shipping Note Below***

We typically ship on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday to ensure the product comes out of our oven and arrives fresh at your door.

Q: What do you do with the "uglies" and excess product?

We donate our "uglies" to The Lighthouse Mission and Bellingham Food Bank to help those in need.



  • If you live in Washington, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Wyoming, California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico, we suggest shipping UPS Ground as it will arrive within 3 days.
  • If you live outside these states, we encourage using USPS Priority Shipping or UPS 2 or 3 Day shipping for freshness as UPS Ground can take up to 5 business days.  

NOTE:  When shipping buns outside of WA or OR they will need be shipped Priority Mail to ensure freshness. 

*Please be advised that any shipping method taking longer than 3 days will significantly reduce the shelf life and freshness of your products.

*We ship our products Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday to ensure the product arrives fresh at your door.

*HOLIDAY SHIPMENTS: Please note that any delivery around any holiday may be delayed. We will ensure to notify you if this will occur with your order.

*International Shipments: Please contact customerservice@flax4life.net for details.

From The Blog

“Thank you ! thank you so much for making your products. I am a new mom with a four month old and a very demanding full time job. I travel a lot in my car and on the plane and never am able to eat right on the road. Your muffins paired with a coffee in the morning is heaven! It makes me feel good, it fills me up and I know I'm getting the right nutrients in my body! The Hawaiian pineapple and coconut are awesome. Again just thank you thank you thank you for making a product that I can eat and feel good about.”

Anne P.