Our Biggest Fan in Colorado

Posted on Mar 28, 2018

My wife and I are in our mid-70’s, and here in the Denver area (Parker, CO to be exact) we are your best Flax4Life fans…maybe even in the whole state!  ;-)  You and your exceptional team make the best muffins, which we have almost every morning…and I make the best scrambled eggs (not my statement, but what is heard when people sit down to breakfast in our home).  Thus…we, thee and me, all make a great team.
Your Carrot/Raisin muffins are our favorite…but all your products are extra good.  As a leadership mentor, I will sometimes have the emerging leaders I mentor over for breakfast…and they all join me in saying, “Way to go Flax4Life!!!”
Natural Grocers, out here, is where we get your muffins…six to eight packages at a time.  Keep up the good work…and we will keep indulging in your wonderful, healthy products.
…thankful for your care-filled attention to life-enhancing, tasty, nutritious, good food…….!
The best scrambled eggs from Wes