Happily Munching On Muffins

Posted on Oct 14, 2015

After trying all 4 flavors, we like the chunky choc chip flax muffins at Fred Meyer in Longview, WA. We are probably one of your best customers!! I don't know many people who would spend as much as we do on those tasty muffins each month. My husband and I each eat one every morning with our coffee. But one day we went to buy a box and discovered to our dismay, that the shelf was empty!   
It was not good news that the gal in the nutrition section gave us..... She said they hadn't been able to get any muffins.           Gasp!  
Thankfully, after oh maybe a month (just kidding, it just seemed like that) the new shipment came and we are happily munching on the muffins again each morning. 
Tell the baking crew there that they make really good muffins and don't mess with the recipe. It's perfect the way they are!
Victoria and Henry