Dramatic Changes From Flax Muffins

Posted on Oct 13, 2015

Dear Flax4Life,

I survived a boating accident in June 2015 in South Florida. I’ve been coping with traumatic brain injury (TBI) related issues like binocular diplopia (double vision that requires an eye patch to see properly), fatigue, memory loss etc.

To make a long story short, I’ve noticed substantial improvements in my memory, energy and vision since taking Flaxseed oil after being discharged from my 2-week stay in the hospital where I had my right eye socket rebuilt. I survived 3 simultaneous brain hemorrhages. God sure spared my life, but not without affecting my entire body.

Recently, I went from ~ 1000MG Flaxseed oil pills, some days also consuming Flax Milk, to 1 of your carrot raisin muffins with coffee (states there’s 4000MG+ Omega 3). Is this accurate? If so, my Omega 3 intake went up 300%

Well, coincidence or not, my double vision improved so much after a few days of eating your muffins for breakfast (and no other diet changes) that my double vision was reduced by about 50% according to my Ophthalmologist. I had an eye test done 2 weeks prior. For me, this simply means that my bad right eye ‘turned in’ so it can better focus with my healthy left eye. They were pretty crooked since my swelling went down after surgery. Much of it had to do with brain-nerve signals.

Easier to explain on the phone, but I just wanted to briefly share my story. There must be a direct correlation with Omega 3, and/or other ingredients used in your carrot raisin product, to healthy brain function. I’ve noticed dramatic changes in my health since taking Flaxseed oil in pill, milk and muffin form.

Thank You,
Brad T.