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Posted on Oct 01, 2013. 1 comment

Greetings Flax4Life Friends,

We just want to let you know that we will be increasing the price of our products on our website. As a lot of you may know, we are a wholesale bakery and we need to support our retailers as their support has made us the company we are today by making our products available nationwide. After the cost of  distribution and merchandising, the retail cost of our products range between $6.99-7.99 at store level. We do not want to continue to undercut our retailers by selling our products on our website for less then they can offer them to you in the store. So in order to continue to grow our brand and continue to offer you quality products locally, all of the prices on our website will increase to $6.50.

Another reason for this increase is the continued rising cost of ingredients nationwide. We strive to provide customers with the highest quality products by purchasing organic and non-gmo ingredients, which is also contributing to the increase cost of the final products.

This process will happen over the next couple of months to ensure all of our customers are aware of the price increase. We will be starting with the granola, however, we will be offering you a 25% discount for the month of October only, making the cost less than the $5.00 it was currently listed as.

We appreciate your understanding and look forward to continue to make you our high quality certified gluten-free products.

-Flax4Life Family


Granola discount code at checkout is: GRANOLA25


  • Posted by Ani on Apr 01, 2019

    It’s a suggestion:
    We would love it if the mini muffins/ brownies were made with organic ingredients

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