Coming Soon

Posted on Mar 31, 2016. 0 comments

Coming soon single serve packages on select muffins and brownies:
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New Cinnamon Raisin Toaster Buns

Posted on Jul 24, 2015. 0 comments

We have an announcement! Coming soon, Flax4Life Cinnamon Raisin Toaster Buns. Help us pick the new bag design, go to our Facebook page.

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Building Expansion

Posted on Jul 09, 2015. 0 comments

In April the Flax4Life team started new renovations on our building for an expansion.  We thought we would share the progress with everyone!!!
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Cake Giveaway

Posted on Jul 01, 2015. 0 comments

The Flax4Life team did a cake giveaway from June 16-June 26 on Facebook.  We picked we picked Randi Punteney as our cake winner.  Randi received her cake on June 30:
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Farm Fresh Market in Olympia WA

Posted on Jun 19, 2015. 0 comments

Flax4Life is happy to announce our products can now be found at the Farm Fresh Market in Olympia WA!  Farm Fresh Market is having a product meet and greet event on June 28th, where our Blueberry Muffins and Orange Cranberry Muffins will be making a debut.  If you can not make it on the 28th Farm Fresh Market is open from 9:30 am to 7:00 pm 7 days a week.  We look forward to seeing you there!!! Read more »

Flax4Life Cakes, Perfect for Birthday Season!!!

Posted on Jun 17, 2015. 0 comments

With July just around the corner and "Birthday Season" about to start we are excited to announce our new gluten free cake line.  We currently have two flavors available, Chocolate Shaving Cake and Chocolate Cake with Sprinkles that can be found at your local retailer. Pick up one today!!!
*Currently an in-store purchase only.
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Buy more, save more!

Posted on Aug 07, 2014. 0 comments

We have added a new feature to our online store! If you have a favorite variety of Flax4Life product and you want to purchase a case size of 6 packages, you can now add that to your shopping cart for a lower, everyday price! Read more »

Muffin Serving Size

Posted on Jun 26, 2014. 0 comments

Many of you have emailed or called us regarding our serving size and why it only represents 1/2 a muffin verses 1 whole muffin. 

Flax4Life would love to have our muffins represent 1 whole muffin as a serving size, however the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) does not allow us to do so. The FDA states that muffins are typically light and fluffy and due to the density of our muffins, we can only have them represent 1/2 the muffin unless we chose to make the muffins 1/2 the size.

We believe our customers like the size of our muffins and can consume 1 whole muffin as a serving size. This is why our label on the front of the package states what a whole muffin contains in regards to omega-3's, fiber, and lignans.  

We do not do this to confuse or mislead you, we simply follow the regulations of the FDA and state in the nutritional label that a serving size is only 1/2 of a muffin and the front of the package represents one whole muffin as that is what most of our customers consume. 

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Last Chance for Garlic and Onion Sandwich Buns!

Posted on Jun 19, 2014. 0 comments

50% off Garlic and Onion Sandwich Buns, online only!


We will be discontinuing our Garlic and Onion Sandwich Buns and before we do we want to offer you a chance to stock up before they are gone! We will be offering these two items at a 50% off price until we are out of inventory. Please get them while you can!

Enter discount code Buns50 at checkout for 50% off Garlic and Onion Sandwich Buns online only! 

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Flaxseed and Omega-3

Posted on Sep 06, 2013. 0 comments


Did you know that Flaxseed is the highest source of plant based healthy Omega-3 fatty acids? The "good" fats of Omega-3's supports cardiovascular health as well as helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels!

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Social Media

Posted on Jun 13, 2013. 0 comments

Hello Flax4Life Friends and Family!

I just want to take a moment to share with you our links to our social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest! If you already follow us thank you for supporting us! And if you have yet to do so, now is a great time! Our small family business is growing because of you, our customers, and we LOVE hearing from you! Some of the best and easiest ways of doing so is through social media. 

I want to encourage you to follow us and post pictures and comments about your delicious Flax4Life products! I check these sites daily and absolutely love seeing what our customers love about our products! This is also a great way to gain inspiration from each other on creative ways to enjoy Flax4Life products and living a Gluten-Free lifestyle! 

Some of my favorite #hashtags are:

#Flax4Life - Great for anything Flax4Life!

#F4LMuffins - Post pictures and recipe ideas using our Flax4Life Muffins!

#F4LGranola - Favorite ways to eat our Granola or just add your favorite variety! 

#F4LBuns - Do you like yours toasted or made into a sandwich? Would LOVE to see pictures!

#F4LBrownies - Have your tried our new Brownies yet? Tell us what you think?


Thank you again for being apart of the Flax4Life family! 


Click on any link below to go directly to our page!








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May is Celiac Awareness

Posted on May 01, 2013. 1 comment

In honor of Celiac Awareness we are offering a 10% discount on all online orders placed via our website through the month of May 2013!

*At Check-Out Please Enter Discount Code: Celiac 

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Chance to win free flax4life Products!!

Posted on Jan 11, 2013. 0 comments

Hello Flax4Life Friends! We want to see YOU, our customer!! Please post a picture of you and our product or a picture of you and our advertisement page from the 2 magazines we are in this month onto our facebook page for a chance to win FREE FLAX4LIFE products!! 

Simply post the picture of you with our product or advertisement onto our facebook page! Your name will be placed into a drawing for a chance to win 1 package of your favorite Flax4Life item, (muffin, sandwich bun or granola!), a package of brownies, a T-Shirt and a Flax4Life pen!

Drawing ends January 31, 2013 and names will be drawn of February 1, 2013! The more photo varieties you have the more chances of winning! 5 winners will be chosen!!

Good Luck! Can't wait to see your photos!! :)

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New and Improved Website!

Posted on Oct 01, 2012. 0 comments

Hello Flax4Life Friends!

We are very excited to introduce our new website design. We have been working very hard creating a website just for you!

Flax4Life is proud to tell you that all of your favorite Flax4Life products are now available online! You can now choose to order Muffins, Granola, Sandwich Buns and our newest item Brownies. They are all $5.00 each and you may now choose to have as little or as many items shipped to you directley.

The Flax4Life Family is still working hard to provide you with only the best! Be sure to follow us on facebook and twitter to stay connected!

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Natural Prouducts Expo East

Posted on Sep 27, 2012. 0 comments




Flax4Life had a great time at the Natural Products Expo East this last weekend in Baltimore! Our new Mini Muffin Chocolate Brownies and Sandwich Buns were a great success!! We can't wait to hear what our customers think!!

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