Some Faces of the Flax4Life Family!

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Flax4Life Family at Food Shows 2013

We travel across the country year round doing Food Shows in hopes of getting our products in stores and closer to you! We love our products and we especially love hearing just how much all of you enjoy them too! Because without you, our customer, we would not be as successful as we are. I just wanted to take a moment to introduce ourselves to you!

Left to Right: Jessica Shippen, Bill Francis, Dagmar Francis, Jason Shippen, Kasondra Shippen, Josh Francis and Jennifer Bishop

Bill and Dagmar Francis are not only owners of Flax4Life but are also husband and wife. They are passionate about providing you with Certified-Gluten Free, Dairy-Free and Nut-Free Products that not only taste delicious, but offer the wonderful health benefits of flax!

Kasondra and Jason Shippen are also husband and wife! And Kasondra is a the daughter of Bill and Dagmar! Kasondra is our general manager and she is the woman in charge around here! There isn't anything she isn't a part of! She has great passion for this company, our products, our customers and her employees. She isn't afraid to get her hands dirty and you truly feel that she cares and believes in this company! Jason is our maintenance man and he can fix anything! He helps us with our everyday operations and I swear he is able to be in 2 places at once. We are able to run smoothly because of Jason!

Josh Francis is the son of Bill and Dagmar and he is our Sales Manager. Josh is always in contact with buyers, either existing or introducing our products to new buyers. Josh also does a lot of traveling to visit stores and introducing our product and our brand at store level! Josh is gluten intolerant and his passion and personal experience of needing to live a Gluten-Free lifestyle is what makes him so good at what he does.

Jennifer Bishop is our production manager! Jen is responsible for baking your delicious Muffins, Granola, Brownies, Sandwich Buns and coming soon, our Gluten-Free Cakes! She works closely with our production staff and takes a lot of pride in making each and every product consistently delicious! Jen also works closely with Kasy doing product development trying to see what we can provide you with next!

Jessica Shippen is Flax4Life's customer service, internet sales and social media gal! She is also the sister of Jason. Being such a small company and with all of its expanding, Jessica took on the role of internet sales when we launched our new website in October 2012! We now offer you every product online in the event you don't yet have it available at a store near you. She loves hearing from our customers directly and doing what she can to provide you with our products.

We hope you enjoyed meeting us! And thank you again for all of your wonderful support and we look forward to growing with you!

-Flax4Life Family

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