Enjoy Every Single Bite!

Posted on Sep 08, 2017

I decided to look at your website today, and the thought came to me to email your company, and you, with a review of your WONDERFUL AND AMAZING PRODUCTS!

 My father started purchasing your cranberry orange muffins forever ago and continues to buy them in bulk. Not only has he hooked my mother onto them, but he also has hooked other people at my work! He probably eats two of them a day! He pretty much keeps the PCC grocery co-op on their stocking game with how many boxes he buys of them at a time. 

I started buying your regular chocolate brownie muffins this last year. Didn’t even phase me that it was the same company as my Dad’s muffins until now. I LOVE pastries, and brownies are usually hit or miss for me, as they are usually too sugary, chocolatey, or too much-added stuff for such a small desert. That is my preference of course. I grew up with a Mom who makes her brownies with Dutch/Dark Cocoa, so my taste buds know the glory of Dutch Cocoa.

I can usually tell, based on how a pastry or dessert LOOKS if the texture and taste are going to be worth the purchase. I have had many of the fad vegetarian, gluten, vegan-type deserts, and I do not have any food restrictions, but I like to try them regardless. Most of the time, I feel terrible after eating these desserts (high intolerance to nuts keeps my options limited), and I usually get really ill most of the time from these types of desserts for the excessive amount of oil, high-fat additives, nuts, etc. I am better off with a few bites of a traditional sugary, wheat, and buttered product.

 Your brownie muffins:

They are so evenly balanced that I feel NORMAL after I eat one. They are delicious and worth every bite! Everyone at my work now takes turns buying these little guys! It blows my mind every time I eat one, how fulfilling they are. I feel balanced, at ease, and most importantly, satiated in that cocoa craving. I am appreciative for these delicious brownie muff bites!

I know that is a long story for me to write out, but I also know you would not be creating these if they didn’t mean something to you. The fact that wherever the recipe started, grew, and became what it is today, is worth acknowledging first hand, not only for the brownie muffins but for everything you and your company creates.

Life is about the amount of joy you feel at any given moment. Joy has to come first, before any conditions. & with that, joy is meant to be felt when we eat, no matter WHAT the food is.

 I always say to my father, “If you are going to eat a cookie, enjoy every, single, bite.”

That is my motto with any moment: enjoy every, single, moment, and appreciate the moments in life that assist you in realizing what you prefer. Sometimes you are going to taste things you don’t like! But it doesn’t mean it didn’t serve its purpose because the desire is thus born to know what you do LOVE.

Thank you for your continued choice to spread the joy of your creations. If you ever decide to make products that are wheat or dairy driven, I fully support that adventure as well. Either way, keeping it simple, as you do, is what makes your products enjoyable.

-Madison A.