I cannot get enough!

Posted on May 04, 2016


I never thought I would like a grocery bought item so much I would look online to find a place to review it but I am because I love it THAT much! I didn't have much luck but I wanted to reach someone since I truly enjoy the product you guys make! I spend way too much time than I would like to admit looking for dairy free desserts that still have creamy, light, & rich flavors & textures. They usually fall short. But I cannot get enough of your guys' brownies; good chocolate brownies are hard to come by with food allergies! I also love the different flavors of muffins. I rotate through the flavors I purchase & they are all so good! The products you guys have out are truly awesome. As someone who developed this allergy in early adulthood I so appreciate being able to experience & indulge in the delicious flavors I normally wouldn't get to have!

Thanks to you & all those who work on creating such an awesome & enjoyable product!


Cat B.