I truly believe it is an answer to a prayer

Posted on Sep 27, 2012


I am amazed and so proud as a mom in what you have done. While I stopped in Snoqualmie to pick up my daughter who had been staying with some friends, I popped into a local store. I passed by your granola stand and headed for the orange juice. On the way to the check out, I decided to check out your stand. I truly believe it is an answer to a prayer. I have through much frustration tried to loose weight and stuffered with ridiculous constipation for years. Through continually feeling bloated, because the doctors tell me moooore bran foods, I decided to look up what could possibly be causing the bloated feeling. I am conductuin a self study to see if by removing gluten and wheat from my diet these dreadful affects leave. I will let you know. By the way I had Banna Coconut. I do not think I have ever enjoyed a flavor of food more in my life as well as the after taste was like a slippery sensation in my mouth.

Shawn Edlund




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so incredibly delicious!

Posted on Sep 27, 2012

Hi Kasondra,

I am a nutritionist in Seattle who specializes in food allergies; I myself have a wheat and gluten intolerance and I have found your muffins so incredibly delicious! Thank you for being diligent in your strong effort to produce a high-quality, reliable GF product. I am recommending your product to my clients and friends, while I'm enjoying exploring the different flavors myself...so far the orange-cran and apple-cin; blueberry is next.

Good work! I'll keep an eye out for any future products - any chance you're working on anything new? And yes, I've discovered your granola too, yum.

Johnna Dietz, Certified Nutritionist, LMP

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I am a huge fan

Posted on Sep 27, 2012

Just tried your Apple Cinnamon flax granola and wanted to let you know that it is fantastic. Please keep it up, I am a huge fan.



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